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How to Grow Great Garlic
For the Urban Gardener!

Don’t let your lack of garlic growing experience stop you from trying your hand at planting this coveted and healthful crop.

Learn from an experienced, knowledgeable and local expert for the best information.

You could be feeling nervous about growing garlic but the truth is, once you learn key foundational components of planting and growing garlic, it is a plant it, set it and forget it crop with a number of key learnable tips and techniques that will help to boost your garlic bulb size and production every year.

Don’t go it alone this year. Learn with James, an experienced local urban garlic growing mentor as he guides you step by step through this short, impactful and knowledgeable digital course.

This is a detailed and fun hands on digital course to growing great garlic!

  • Learn how to select the best organic garlic seed for planting
  • Learn where and how to plant garlic for its optimal growth
  • Learn at your own pace.
  • Watch 5 comprehensive modules using a practical step by step guided system in real time showing you exactly what you need to do to gain the experience and knowledge for planting and growing a successful garlic crop
  • Full of detailed advice on how to grow a great crop of garlic from start to finish!

You’ll be learning from James, a 17 year professional urban organic vegetable backyard gardener who holds nothing back to share and guide you through impactful video tutorials. These tutorials are loaded with tips, techniques and strategies that will save you time and money no matter your level of experience.

New and novice gardeners will especially benefit from learning these techniques and especially dedicated and applicable for Canadian South West vegetable garden growers in an urban setting.

Instant Access

Get immediate access to the Digital course with instant streaming once you’ve placed your order. This digital course comes in an easy to view format that can be used on any device, including phones, tablets or desktop computers. There are no time limits for how long you can access the material. It’s yours to own and use for as long as you like!


What You’ll Find Inside

Here are just a few of the secrets you’ll find inside How to Grow Great Garlic For the Urban Backyard Gardener

  •  The growing cycle of garlic
  • The best tools and the best compost for growing garlic
  • Choosing the best location for your garlic crop
  • How to prepare your soil for planting garlic
  • Best garlic varieties for growing the largest bulbs
  • How to control pests and diseases
  • How to feed your garlic properly with important nutrients
  • How to control weeds
  • Top recipes and the best ways to process your garlic crop

Are you looking for a reliable local source for the best information? Well, look no further!

Learn from an experienced urban backyard organic garlic grower located right here in Vancouver in the South Western part of Coastal British Columbia.


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What are the benefits?

Grow great garlic bulbs year over year

Save yourself time and money by learning from a 17 year local urban back yard garlic grower from Southwestern coast of BC.

Avoid costly growing mistakes and pitfalls

Learn at your own pace and implement immediately

Learn easy organic planting techniques

Make planting and growing efficient, easier and fun for yourself

Who is Your Trusted Guide?

James is a local Vancouver urban backyard organic vegetable grower who specializes in growing high-quality garlic. He has been successfully growing a variety of garlic and a variety of other organic vegetables for over 17 years and has supplied over two dozen local high-end restaurants from the Glow Ball Restaurant Group to Tojo’s, the Italian Kitchen and Cin Cin, Hapa Izakaiya, Oest, Bishops just to name a few in Vancouver for a number of years.

James has dedicated his time to learning the most efficient and best ways to growing great garlic and has many relationships with local organic garlic farm growers across BC and stays on top of the most current and best techniques for producing great garlic. James is a natural teacher and loves to share his knowledge and experience with others who are ready to take their organic growing skill set to the next level.


James delivered a great introductory Garlic Growing Outdoor Workshop that got my garden partners and I started. His step by step approach provided us with the confidence to give Garlic Growing a try for the first time and that has proven valuable now year after year. With James' wealth of knowledge, he has been a wonderful resource to bounce new ideas off of before giving them a try. I strongly recommend joining Jame’s introductory Garlic Growing workshop.

Eric S.

I took James’ garlic class last year and got so much knowledge about the nuances of planting garlic. I was so happy with the earth-friendly knowledge and easy-to-understand information. I had a lot of delicious garlic to eat this year!

Bowie K.

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Even though this video series is full of money saving knowledge, we’ve kept the price affordable so that all growers can benefit from implementing these tips and techniques as soon as possible.

There is a short window of opportunity to plant garlic and it is fast approaching. Be prepared and be ready – let’s help you grow your best garlic crop ever this year!

The How to Grow Great Garlic for Urban Gardeners is a 5 module digital course delivered to you with instant access to your phone, tablet or computer so that you can watch it immediately after placing your order. You can even watch all 5 modules in a matter of an hour or two depending on your schedule or pace yourself and watch the videos at your leisure.

Growing garlic has never been more popular or exciting! We encourage every urban backyard grower to learn as much as possible. Each Module is full of useful information, helpful tips and valuable advice from a dedicated local urban backyard organic garlic growing expert.

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